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Best Selling Authors Michelle Snyder and Holly Enzmann

Effective Imagination - the most powerful nation on earth.

In the annals of personal growth, there exists a transformative force more potent than any other. This force? Our imagination.This book delves into the heart of this capacity, beckoning readers into a world where the potential for creation knows no bounds. - Peggy McColl

Best Selling Author The Symbologist Michelle Snyder

More Books By Michelle Snyder

The Symbologist Method
Within the context of comprehensive historic time-lines, Michelle compares images from prehistory to those used in contemporary societies and decodes their meaning. The method for taxonomy, comparison, and context is important in decoding symbols and tracing them to their roots.
The Symbologist ReVision

Learning to see symbols is fundamental to revealing their meanings and history. Discover how to see symbols and uncover the information they hide. A brief illustrated encyclopedia of symbols and a glossary make this a fascinating reference for those who love the world of visual language.
The Symbologist Oral Tradition

 Oral Tradition covers the language of our ancestors through popular and obscure legends, tales, and myths as told by word of mouth through generations. Tales of old have layered in them history and traditions long forgotten. Illustrated.

The Symbologist Magic

Magical practices are full of mysterious and interesting shapes, items, and symbols. In The Symbologist Magic, Michelle Snyder reveals the history of many magical items and traditions. Magic wands have roots thousands of years old.
The Symbologist Concept

Reveals the language of symbols and how they are used to communicate things like love, life and death, and other human conditions. This is a unique book that presents some intriguing revelations based on observations and comparisons of symbols, myths, and folklore.

Best Selling Author Michelle Snyder

Call of the Dragon and other Tales of Wonder

Call of the Dragon
The Golden Song
Forever Princess
A Storybook Princess 
A Fairy’s Ransom 
The Magic Mirror 
The Guardian 
The Pauper Prince 
The Glass Giant 
Seven Suitors 
Know-it-all Princess 
Pixie Cave 
Tears of the Dragon and other Tales of Wonder

Tears of the Dragon 
The Magic Quill 
The Prophetic Pearl 
Crystal Vision 
Princess & the Wolf 
Three Stones  
The Unicorn’s Choice 
The Enchanted Fairy 
The Owl King
The Elvin Flame
The Cat’s Meow
Lessons from Once Upon a Time

  Lessons from Once Upon a Time is the story of Fair One and Merlina, her tutor, who reads the growing princess a wonder tale each week for her education - manners, tradition, history, astronomy, and more. A wonderful book for parents to read to their children.
The Lost Unicorn

 Book one of A Tale of Three Kingdoms: wherein Princess Shyla of Tomenshire, with her faithful guardian Alastar, is in search of the Isle of Mist and the Lost Unicorn Kingdom to save her home from invasion by an evil queen and wizard. 
The Lost Mermaid

 The second book in A Tale of Three Kingdoms, wherein a Mermaid princess and a Fairy prince enter into a great and dangerous quest to defeat the wicked queen and save their kingdoms.
The Lost Dragon

 Third in the series A Tale of Three Kingdoms, wherein is the epic conclusion of a struggle between three kingdoms and a powerful dark wizard. The battle, known as the Wizards' War, will determine the fate of the Dragons' heir and the kingdoms of the Unicorns, Mermaids, and Fairies.
The Girl with the Golden WIngs

 Book four of A Tale of Three Kingdoms is coming soon! 
The Wheel

 Book five of A Tale of Three Kingdoms: The wheel turns around and we go with it. In The Wheel A Zodiacal Odyssey, Virgo must uncover who it is that wants her dead. The zodiacal characters come up in order - some are friends, and some are not. 

Meridian Lodge

Jack Rosenbaum

A collection of short stories. The author's lucid often humorous tale portray the ebb and flow of love as a young man recalls his father's life and retraces his own journey from son to soldier to husband and father through the character of Ross Seymour, the author offers clarity of vision economy of language and telling details of time, place, and emotions that will be familiar to Americans who came of age in the 1940's - and universal to everyone else.
Sixty years of love across the world with Livia.
Something weird is going on in the community of Shrub Oak. So weird that the locals are wondering if supernatural forces are at play. Or maybe it’s aliens who are responsible for the sudden disappearance of a section of the New York Taconic State Parkway. To solve the mystery a dogged investigator and a brainy waitress will have to combine forces and take a “detour” around an enigma that is chock full of wild and crazy twists and turns.
Little Jackie Sparrow wants to do something special, but he is reminded by a big bird that he is too small, and to ordinary. But he goes on to win the games, and learns that what he is, is enough.
Six short delightful stories for children, with color illustrations.
Cats usually run from dogs, but in this delightful story a group of unlikely friends work together and attempt a daring escape. Charming and colorful book for young readers.

Ingrid Centurion

Ingrid Centurion is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel who overcame many obstacles in life and throughout her career. Centurion's Commitment teaches the skills needed to accomplish goals and overcome obstacles

Robert Taft

It Was All OBAMA exposes exactly that. Starting with his youth, it explores what makes the first African American president tick. It profiles the people who influenced him early on and the inherent attributes that shaped his character and personality. It shows how he climbed in Chicago social circles and who boosted him along the way.

James Weaver

A young and wealthy, but underdeveloped man, Tyler Holmes is appointed as a professor at a women’s college outside of Boston. His lack of development can be traced back to his unsettled and disoriented childhood and teenage years when his parents constantly undermined his judgment and behavior. Through his new teaching position, however, he will eventually accrue more knowledge, and gain some self-confidence and self esteem. Twenty years of teaching makes him a master teacher; he stresses individual freedom to learn and shapes students as thinkers, not believers. He becomes a crusading professor on a mission with his students to discover what true learning involves, and this leads to intimate close relations with several students, two marriages, one abortion, and two children. He earns a reputation at the college maverick as a “trouble making” and dedicated teacher who often helps below-average students to attain new skills and superior ranking through extra attention. Tyler’s main goal is to expose students to the many dimensions, or shades, of learning, and to enable them to better understand the shades of gray in human behavior, accomplishments, and motivations.

Dennis Kantor

Reebo Thwak lives on Carowak. He is eight years old and lives with his family. They say they love him, but he is not so sure. After searching by radio broadcast to Earth for Earth-children who might feel the same way he does, Reebo makes a big decision. Through this adventure he learns how much his family loves him

Logan Richards

He had problems at home. She was his mentor, a teaching nun who went out of his life when she was given an administrative post in a school in South America. Their beautiful correspondence spans eleven years, one year beyond her leaving the religious order. Their letters, with increasing tenderness, illustrate the depth of their love, and her growth from innocence to womanhood and his from adolescence to manhood. This powerful love brings them together, she at age forty, he a well-educated teacher of twenty-nine, in a marriage that is close to the perfect love story.
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